This is Plan de la Tour


Surrounded by Vines

This is serious wine country from the local village vin de pays to some really exceptional wines from nearby estates you will find something to suit you. The village has two co-op wineries where wine is produced. One uses local grapes the other doesnt. There is healthy competition between the two and every villager has their own favorite. you will also note that the restaurants generally stock wine from one or the other but rarely from both.



Rush hour in Plan de la Tour

Not much happens in Plan on the hot summer days especially when everyone is having lunch. The local men have their benches and alternate between them to keep in the shade. The local ladies prefer to sit on the benches in the square near the rose garden.



Market Day in Plan (Every Thursday!)

Every thursday there is a bustling local market where the best of food and flowers can be purchased. The roast chicken and roast potatoes are a popular choice for lunch. There is plenty of open air seating nearby to sit and sip a a glass of rosé while the shopping is getting done!


Dining in Plan

Where Dining al fresco is the norm

There are many restaurants in the village from a simple creperie to fine dining at "Le Tour du Plan" with all sorts in between including restaurants specializing in local cuisine especially seafood. The lunch menu's offer particularly good value and the Pizzeria's offer an economical family friendly option.