2017 Spring Visit

I got to spend another week in Plan this April.

The apartment itself is in great condition and I painted the railing on the balcony as well as buying (more!) pillows, changing the table cloth on the small round table, replacing the cutlery  and some other routine maintenance.

Externally, the walls of the buildings  badly need cleaning and thankfully the AGM of the Syndic (who manage the residence) have agreed to get all the external walls power washed and some dodgy plaster replace, I don't know yet exactly when this will happen but I know that the cost which will be shared amongst the owners will be in the region of 75K euro.

The village is looking great and one local has turned the garage beside the house where he stayed last winter into a museum. When I asked him why ,,he said that it kept him busy in the winter!

Workshop Museum

Workshop Museum